Into the Omelette

My name is April and I've created this blog for the purposes of enjoyment and talking to myself. I studied anthropology at Michigan State University. My interests include (but are not limited to) women's rights, improving and sustaining our environment, urban exploration, cooking, knitting, and watching/talking about a small handful of movies and television shows. Currently, I knit, cook, and noodle about on the internet, but a plan of action is forming.

How This Blog Works:
I'm really into knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery, and the like right now, so I have a queue going that reblogs 20 posts a day relating to those topics. These are posts that I found interesting or inspiring and wanted to have on my blog so I could refer back to them easily. While I'm scrolling back through my likes to refill my queue, I like to reblog other sorts of things that I find interesting, funny, inspirational, pretty, or that express my mood at the time. I also occasionally write updates on my personal life and post pictures of my own projects, of food, and of flowers.